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Seal Your Natural Stone Countertops With A Dry Treat Sealer!

Granite Imports is one of the leading providers of granite, marble, travertine, onyx, soapstone, limestone slabs, and tile sinks distributed to stone fabricators throughout Colorado and neighboring states. We offer a large assortment of premium granite that helps granite fabricators achieve greater customer satisfaction. One product that is critical to maintain a stone surface’s finish is the Dry Treat Sealer line of impregnating sealers that provide superior stain, mildew resistance while maintaining it’s natural beauty.

Dry Treat Sealer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on all types of stone surfaces; this is the sealant that you need to help protect your stone surfaces from weather damage and everyday wear and tear.

Give Your Customers A Well Protected Granite Countertop By Sealing It With Dry Treat Sealer!

Features of Dry Treat Sealer

Why is this product one of the best? The following features are what every quality stone sealer should have:

  • Impregnating quality to ensure that the protection penetrates deep into the stones molecules, providing additional strength and protection from within.
  • Long lasting effects that will provide durability to the stone slabs.
  • Indoor as well as outdoor usage for more versatile functioning.
  • Water and oil proofing effects that ensure stain free surface for a longer time period.
  • Helping the stone from salt attacks and cracks due to freeze thawing after the winter.
  • Ideal for stone surfaces, such as; countertops, walls, floors, etc; regardless of their location and usage.
  • Dealing with all kinds of stone surfaces, whether tiled or smooth, allowing for full protection.
  • Making smooth stone surfaces even easier to clean by making them non porous.
  • Providing a slip resistant surface, especially for stone floors.
  • Good customer feedback that ensures its high quality and proper functionality.
  • Suitable for large as well as small scale installations in homes, offices, industries; etc.

These are just some of the major characteristics that you can get if you use a good quality sealant for your stone surfaces, and Granite Imports Dry Treat Sealer can provide you with all these and more!

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Impregnating Sealer

As the world’s leading impregnating sealer, this product while retaining the existing color and finish, will protect the stone from surfaces staining, staining caused by water and oil based substance, efflorescence, graffiti freeze thaw damage, and salt attack. Stain-Proof is ideal for indoor or outdoor use on kitchen countertops and floors, dining rooms and entertaining, public and commercial areas. This treatment makes the surface easier to clean and does not require the use of special cleaners and can even stand up to pressure hosing and commercial scrubbing machines. Stain-Proof will control moss and mildew. It provides long lasting protection and comes with a 15 year warranty if applied by an accredited Applicator. STAIN-PROOF by DRY TREAT will protect:

  • granite
  • basalt
  • limestone
  • terrazzo
  • brick
  • slate
  • cement pavers
  • clay
  • grout
  • marble
  • travertine
  • terracotta tiles
  • saltillo tiles
  • quarry tiles
  • sandstone
  • concrete

Maintaining STAIN-PROOFed Surfaces

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STAIN-PROOF for commercial and public properties

STAIN-PROOF Technical Specification Clauses

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